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How to find the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostics


The Division of Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostics is located in the Centre of Pharmacy (Pharmaziezentrum) which is part of the Second University Center Althanstraße (UZA II).

  • Main entrance (from Augasse)
  • Side entrance Informatik und Statistik (from Josef-Holaubek-Platz)
  • Side entrance Geozentrum (from Althanstraße)
  • Back entrance (from Nordbergstraße)

The most convenient entrances are the main entrance and the side entrance Informatik und Statistik.

Arrival by public transport


DtramAugasse or Liechtenwerder Platz
U4subway Spittelau
35 AbusJosef-Holaubek-Platz


Leave the tram at the station Augasse and cross the way between Wirtschaftsuniversität and Biozentrum (UZA I). After walking across the place you will reach the main entrance to the Pharmaziezentrum.

Alternatively, you get off at Liechtenwerder Platz and take the route across Josef-Holaubek-Platz (between the Verkehrsamt and the UZA II), reaching the stairs up to the University grounds. Following the UZA II sign on the ground, turn to the left and enter the building labelled Zentrum für Informatik und Statistik.

U4 or U6:

Getting off at station Spittelau, follow the signs Wirtschaftsuniversität or Verkehrsamt. Walk along the Verkehrsamt and then edge to the right. Cross the road at the Josef-Holaubek-Platz using the crosswalk which leads to the stairs and to the side entrance Zentrum für Informatik und Statistik, as described above.

35 A:

This bus stops at the Josef-Holaubek-Platz. You may use the same route as described before.

Arrival by car

As there are too many ways to get to the Pharmaziezentrum, you to may use a route planner. Make sure to use Liechtenwerder Platz as your arrival street. Thus you will be able to use the parking garage underneath the Wirtschaftsuniversität (parking charge 2,50 € per hour). You can leave the parking garage at Josef-Holaubek-Platz using the same route as described above. There are also several possibilities to enter the UZA II from the inside of the parking garage.

Inside UZA II

Inside the UZA II building there is a main corridor with several bridgeworks, with the wings A - G stretching to either side. Entering from the main entrance, you start at level 2 with wing A, entering from the side entrance Informatik und Statistik with wing G.

The Division of Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostics can be found at level 4, wings E and D.

Division of Clinical Pharmacy and Diagnostics
University of Vienna
Althanstraße 14
A-1090 Wien, Austria

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