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Journal Articles

  • Maier-Salamon A., Thalhammer T., Reznicek G., Böhmdorfer M., Zupkó I., Hartl A., Jaeger W. Cytochrome P450 3A-mediated metabolism of the topoisomerase I inhibitor9-aminocamptothecin: impact on cancer therapy. Int. J. Oncol. 45: 877-886, 2014.

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  • Maier-Salamon A., Böhmdorfer M., Riha J., Thalhammer T., Szekeres T.,
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  • Roth G.A., Sipos W., Höferl M., Böhmdorfer M., Schmidt EM., Hetz H., Schebesta K., Klaus D., Motal M., Jäger W., Krenn CG. The effect of the molecular adsorbent recirculating system on moxifloxacin and meropenem plasma levels. Acta Anaesthesiol. Scand. 57: 461-467, 2013.

  • Bauer M., Zeitlinger M., Todorut D., Böhmdorfer M., Müller M., Langer O., Jäger W. Pharmacokinetics of single ascending doses of the P-glycoprotein inhibitor tariquidar in healthy subjects. Pharmacology. 91: 12-19, 2013.

  • Sauermann R., Karch R., Kjellsson MC., Feurstein T., Püspök A., Langenberger H., Böhmdorfer M., Jäger W, Zeitlinger M. Good penetration of moxifloxacin into human abscesses. Pharmacology. 90: 146-150, 2012.

  • Tobudic S., Matzneller P., Stoiser B., Wenisch JM., Zeitlinger M., Vychytil A., Jaeger W., Boehmdorfer M., Reznicek G., Burgmann H. Pharmacokinetics of intraperitoneal and intravenous fosfomycin in automated peritoneal dialysis patients without peritonitis. Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 56: 3992-3995, 2012.

  • Sauermann R., Feurstein T., Karch R., Kjellsson MC., Jäger W., Böhmdorfer M., Püspök A., Langenberger H., Wild T., Winkler S., Zeitlinger M. Abscess penetration of cefpirome: concentrations and simulated pharmacokinetic profiles in pus. Eur. J. Clin. Pharmacol. 68: 1419-1423, 2012.

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  • Maier-Salamon A., Böhmdorfer M., Reznicek G., Thalhammer T., Szekeres T., Jaeger W. Hepatic glucuronidation of resveratrol: Interspecies comparison of enzyme kinetic profiles in human, mouse, rat and dog. Drug Metab Pharmacokinet. 26: 364-373, 2011.

  • Böhmdorfer M., Maier-Salamon A., Taferner B., Reznicek G., Thalhammer T., Hering S., Hüfner A., Schühly W., Jäger W. In vitro metabolism and disposition of honokiol in rat and human livers. J. Pharm. Sci. 100: 3506-3516, 2011.

  • Leitner JM., Meyer B., Fuhrmann V., Saria K., Zuba C., Jäger W., Böhmdorfer M., Thalhammer F. Multiple-dose pharmacokinetics of anidulafungin during continuous venovenous haemofiltration. J Antimicrob. Chemother. 66: 880-884, 2011.

  • Burian A., Wagner C., Stanek J., Manafi M., Böhmdorfer M., Jäger W., Zeitlinger M. Plasma protein binding may reduce antimicrobial activity by preventing intra-bacterial uptake of antibiotics, for example clindamycin. J. Antimicrob. Chemother. 66: 134-137, 2011.

  • Miksits M., Maier-Salamon A., Vo NT., Sulyok M., Schuhmacher R., Szekeres T., Jäger W. Glucuronidation of piceatannol by human liver microsomes: major role of UGT1A1, UGT1A8, and UGT1A10. J. Pharm. Pharmacol. 62: 47-54, 2010.

  • Miksits M, Wlcek K, Svoboda M, Thalhammer T, Ellinger I, Stefanzl G, Falany CN, Szekeres T, Jaeger W. Expression of sulfotransferases and sulfatases in human breast cancer: impact on resveratrol metabolism. Cancer Letters (2010), 289(2):237-245.

  • Miksits M, Wlcek K, Svoboda M, Kunert O, Haslinger E, Thalhammer T, Szekeres T, Jäger W. Antitumor activity of resveratrol and its sulfated metabolites against human breast cancer cells. Planta Medica (2009), 75(11), 1227-1230.

  • Miksits, Michaela; Sulyok, Michael; Schuhmacher, Rainer; Szekeres, Thomas; Jaeger, Walter. In-vitro sulfation of piceatannol by human liver cytosol and recombinant sulfotransferases. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology (2009), 61(2), 185-191.

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  • Urpi-Sarda, Mireia; Jauregui, Olga; Lamuela-Raventos, Rosa Maria; Jaeger, Walter; Miksits, Michaela; Covas, Maria-Isabel; Andres-Lacueva, Cristina. Uptake of Diet Resveratrol into the Human Low-Density Lipoprotein. Identification and Quantification of ResveratrolMetabolites by Liquid Chromatography Coupled with Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Analytical Chemistry (2005), 77(10), 3149-3155.

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