a.o. Univ.-Prof. i.R. Mag. Dr. Walter Jäger


Mail: walter.jaeger@univie.ac.at

 Research Interests

  • Identification of novel drug metabolising phase I/II enzymes and cellular transport proteins using analytical, biochemical and molecular biology techniques. As metabolites often demonstrate pharmacological activities, their quantification in biological samples is important for the efficacy of prescribed drugs. Besides enzymes, also drug transporters responsible for the cellular uptake and excretion of drugs and their metabolites, are a main focus in our investigations. We therefore analyse the gene expression for drug metabolising enzymes and transport proteins by conventional RT-PCR and quantitative „Real Time“ PCR in various organs, tumor tissues and carcinoma cell lines. Furthermore we also quantify the encoded proteins by specific antibodies (Westernblots). Using subcellular fractions (microsomes, cytosol), isolated or recombinant proteins and transfected human cell lines we also run functional assays for drug metabolizing enzymes and transport proteins. In these assays we not only quantitatively determine drugs and their metabolites by HPLC we also identify the chemical structure of novel bio-transformation products by LC/MS/MS, and NMR. These results enable us to predict the in vivo situation.
  • Metabolism und transport of drugs in human cancer cell lines transfected with drug metabolizing enzymes and ABC-transporter. Using in vitro/in vivo correlations we are able to get information for an improved therapy.
  • Investigation of the pharmacological activity of isolated or synthesized drug metabolites in various in vitro assays (cytotoxicity, inhibition of cell growth, antioxidative properties, effects on enzymes and on signal transduction pathways e.g. cyclooxygenase 1 und 2).
  • Drug monitoring und pharmacokinetics of novel drugs und their metabolites in plasma, urine, amniotic fluid, dialysate, vitreous and tumor tissues of patients. By analysing drug and metabolite concentrations in biological samples we optimise the individual drug therapy and also reduce drug side effects by individualizing the dose.